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Adivasi Motive Key Chain Booking

Adivasi Motive Key Chain Booking
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You may contribute to "warli art developement fund", which shall be use for following activities. The main concept behind this fund is to,

1) To Promote warli art & Culture
      Through various medium & activities, advertisement, education, workshop, exhibitions, & new innovations, etc

2) To Preserve art, culture & tradition
      Establishing art school, museum, & database of art & cultural information. Along with traditional style incorporation of new trends & innovations in art

3) To Educate tribal artist to compete in future trends
     Educating Tribal artist for post production activities, Training Artists for present & modern trends in art industry, creating awareness about warli art as career opportunity


You may make online payement by following payement gateway.
(you may contribute to fund, by online transfer to AYUSH bank acount)

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Adikala : Tribal Entrepreneurship Model

Adikala : Tribal Entrepreneurship Model
Tribal Employment Generation Venture

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Warli Art is our Cultural intellectual

Warli Art is our Cultural intellectual
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