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Adivasi Motive Key Chain Booking
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Warli paintings were never originally intended to be used for commercial gains. However, after they were explore twenty five years ago, they became instantly popular, probably because they evoked the trumpets, drumbeats and songs of the tribe through their simple motifs. Today, Warli paintings on Handmade Paper and cloth have become very popular and are sold all over India & abroad.
 Different variety of paintings can be made according to requirements & customizing themes, colours, size can be done by tribal artist.
We would be recommending to reach directly to tribal artist or AYUSH group for buying or getting warli art done according to your requirements 
We are here to ensure the maintain & preserve the purity of warli art along with the sustainability in of this art in modern competitions.

We will be happy to receive the requirements for making warli art. You can reach us anytime will take care of your requirements.
We are sure that joy of buying warli art from real artist will make you to proud of respecting tribal skill & talent also contributing to support their future.

We are the tribal youth, & group of real artists. The group comprises of national & international level famous, illiterate rurals, unemployed youth also school students, etc across the age group tribal artist.

Few out Our specialties –
1. Warli painting
2. Wall painting
3. Warli art on objects / clothes etc
4. Warli art seminar / workshop / education / demo / training
5. Warli art & culture experience tours
6. Warli art exhibitions

for any requirements, please reach us at warli@adiyuva.in

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Adikala : Tribal Entrepreneurship Model

Adikala : Tribal Entrepreneurship Model
Tribal Employment Generation Venture

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Warli Art is our Cultural intellectual

Warli Art is our Cultural intellectual
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