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As global art. with lot of positives we also have chalenges infront of us. so we can preserve this art so it can be carried to next generation with its purity. along with the varity fusion to attract timely changes in it.
as widely famous art in globe. Few of below listed are chalenges for warli art.

 Chalenges for warli art - - accepting modern painting instruements (like brush, colour material, etc)
- incorporating modern fusion
- bringing new themes, styles & combinations
- along with maintaing pure traditional encarporating modern trends
- elobrating uniqueness & correct theory of culture & themes

Chalenges for Tribal artist -
- Third intermediate persons eates the all the profites of sell, hardly it reaches to real artists
- Out siders & beginers represents & elobrate the traditional things in wrong way, which leads to misunderstanding
- On current day, no single source of information source has true & correct infromation about warli art, almost all are using this art & manipulating for individual benefites
- Real tribal artist are lagging behind in competetion in front of smoth & attractive communication of marketing peoples
- Many of peoples trying to use the warli art without any royalty or social responsibiltiy to tribal community
- Many carporates, organisations, also govt organisations makes use of Warli art for theire identity, promotion, sybols etc. but no one really cares for the preserve this art, or social contribustion towards tribal community

Warli art - tribal art


Adikala : Tribal Entrepreneurship Model

Adikala : Tribal Entrepreneurship Model
Tribal Employment Generation Venture

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Warli Art is our Cultural intellectual

Warli Art is our Cultural intellectual
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